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Stan Alves’ impressive background as a leading AFL coach easily positions him as one of the best breakout session speakers in the nation. His passion for wanting to transmit knowledge and experience so others succeed means he offers the perfect solution for any breakout session – providing participant engagement and interaction.

If your goal is to educate organisational employees or team players, the fact of the matter is that Stan Alves enthrals, invigorates and informs your audience on the subject matter. Entertaining, yet educational, Stan’s delivery is remembered.

If you’re worried that your message will fall on deaf ears, employing Stan Alves as your breakout session speaker is the answer. Don’t deliver your messages within a boring framework. Let an expert deliver the message for you, exciting and motivating message recipients.

Stan Alves’ breakout sessions achieve the following:

  • Educate.
  • Tailors the session specifically to your audience.
  • Targets the session at your audience’s issues or problems.
  • Increases the focus and effectiveness of the message.
  • Ensures the message is applicable to real-life settings.
  • Provides strong, powerful delivery.
  • Ensures the session is audience-oriented.
  • Leads the direction of the event based upon audience reactions.
  • Provides two-way communication via audience participation, interaction and engagement between speaker and participants.
  • Invigorates the audience.
  • Applies real-life, in-depth knowledge and experience to each riveting session.

If you want a professional breakout session speaker – that delivers the intended message while providing the maximum level of audience engagement and interest – then please contact Stan Alves via the contact form or email at


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